Apart from offering our CMS solution we also offer specialized consultancy for News Websites. Our team has 40 years combined experience in Marketing, Advertising and Technique for News Websites. We are experts in optimal ranking in Google and Google News. With our SEO knowledge tailored for  News Websites.

SEO audit News Websites

We offer a 360 SEO audit for News Websites. With this audit we look at the technical setup of your website as well as how your content is structured and give you advice on which steps to take to improve your ranking in Google and Googe News and generate more Search Traffic.

Social, Referral and Direct Traffic for News Websites

Furthermore we can advice on your other Marketing channels like Social and Referral traffic. From a technical point of view as well as from a content point of view. And we can help with strategies to get more returning visitors to your website and hence more Direct Traffic.

Competitor Analysis

We can also analysis your main competitors on many factors; SEO, Social Media Strategy and research which tools or Advertising Networks they are using. Get insights in where there strenghts are and copy there most succesful strategies.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for some expert advice for your News Website