The 10 advantages of InvenioCMS compared to WordPress

WordPress is an open source system written in PHP and is the most widely used CMS in the world. 50,000 plugins are currently available for WordPress. WordPress itself is a great system to use for your website. But when you start a news website where you have to post multiple articles every day and want to attract a lot of traffic (for example via Google), Invenio may be a better option. Below we discuss the most important differences for news websites between WordPress and Invenio.


We have developed Invenio for years to ensure that all aspects of the CMS are optimized for speed. Speed ​​has a major influence on the SEO performance of your website. The (cloud-based) hosting is provided by Invenio and is perfectly aligned with the CMS, where you must arrange the hosting yourself at WordPress. Invenio also has a superior caching system that ensures that all pages are displayed at lightning speed, without long loading times.

Invenio also does not use plugins that can make the website considerably slower (as is often the case with WordPress), but all code is part of Invenio itself.

Perhaps even more important is that an AMP version of all pages is also available at Invenio. AMP is a new web standard introduced by Google that increases performance on mobile devices. In addition, Google prefers the AMP variant in the search results. Google has introduced this technique to greatly improve the user experience on mobile devices. When displaying Google News in the search results, in more than 90% of the cases, Google gives priority to pages made up with AMP on mobile devices.

No technical knowledge required

The advantage of Invenio is that it is a full-service solution for news websites. This means that the code is maintained by us and the system is regularly provided with security and feature updates. Invenio always keeps up to date with the latest technical developments or Google Updates and keeps developing new features.

The hosting is also provided by Invenio, which ensures that this happens as cost-efficiently as possible and that you never have to worry about this yourself.

With WordPress, you must regularly update the website yourself. Which costs money and time and can cause certain plugins to stop working and your website to stop working properly.

SEO integrated in Invenio

Invenio is completely optimized for SEO. You can read here how we did that in the detailed explanation of the SEO features in Invenio. This way your news website not only scores well in the normal search results, but also in Google News. Check our blog article about Google News here.

In recent years, Google has also given increasing priority to fast websites in the search results. That is why we have also optimized the speed within Invenio. Within WordPress, SEO can only be optimized with paid plugins and you have the disadvantage that the pages often load longer and there is no AMP version of the page available.


Many websites that are made with WordPress can no longer be updated with the latest version at a given moment because this will harm the installed plugins, which will no longer work after an update to the latest version of WordPress. Because the website is not automatically provided with a version update, this creates major potential security risks, making the website more vulnerable to be hacked. At Invenio, all features are integrated into Invenio itself and Invenio ensures constant security updates. Also the fact that the WordPress code is public makes it much more sensitive to hacks.

Built-in A / B testing of headlines

Being able to automatically test two different headlines for one article is one of the features that gives our customers on average 17% more page views. Because the results of all tests are stored and can be viewed, this also ensures that editors are getting better at writing the right headlines. This option is not in WordPress and is also not available with a plugin.

Built-in statistics about who your best editors

We know from experience that many editor-in-chiefs and owners of news websites would like to have more insight into how their editors actually perform. How many articles do they write on average per hour, which editor’s performs the best on average page views per article? Within Invenio we have an extensive module that shows the performance of all editors. Within WordPress you can only see how many articles each editor has written.

Built-in comment feature and community features

Comments are important for building a community on your website. Within WordPress, visitors can only comment on articles via plugins, but this often makes the website slower. Within Invenio we have an extensive comment feature that is integrated into Invenio itself and makes it very easy for visitors to leave a comment quickly. In addition, the built-in community features also ensure that people keep coming back to the website.

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