Advanced analytics & A/B testing of headlines

Which editors are performing the best? Which topics perform the best and get the most traction among your readers? What kind of headlines perform the best on your website? With Invenio all these questions are answered with insightful and realtime analytics reports.


Compare the performance of your editors

In Invenio you can compare the performance of your editors by average articles written per hour, average views of their articles , amount of top performing articles and much more.


A/B testing of headlines

With Invenio editors can test different headlines at the same time to see which headlines perform the best. Our test have shown that this leads to 37% more pageviews and can teach your editors which headlines work the best.


Performance dashboard to automatically help your editors to improve themselves

In Invenio every editor has their own dashboard where they can see there performance like most viewed and least viewed articles, which headlines perform the best and which topics perform the best.


Minimal code

We have build Invenio as efficient as possible so there is no unnecessary code that can decrease page speed.