With Invenio building a community on your website has never been easier. We offer a range of especially developed community feature so you can grow your community and will get a lot of returning visitors on you website.


Elaborated comment feature

Invenio has a built in comment system so people can easily comment on your published articles or comment on other visitors comments.


Built in moderator system

Through the moderator system that comes with Invenio it is easy to keep track of all the comments and delete edit published comments.


‘Facebook’ community features

On websites that run on Invenio all visitors can like other users their comments. When someone likes a comment, the user who placed the comment gets a notification. These proven community features stimulate your users to comment and like comments and helps you to automatically create a community with a lot of returning visitors.


Users build up a community score

Every time when someone likes a comment, the user who placed the comment builds up a score based on the number of likes he received. This score is always shown next to his username when a user places a new comment and will stimulate your users to place new and valuable comments to higher his score.