Lightening fast

All websites that run on the Invenio CMS are optimized for speed with the use of new techniques as Varnish Caching and Elastic Search and tons op optimizations for page speed. Because of this we have reached a score of 99 at the Google Speed Test.

Experts in caching

We uses the most optimized caching with Invenio so your webpages will load extremely fast.


Image optimization

The use of images can seriously slow your website down. That is why we optimized To name a few optimizations; We use a CDN for all images which and all images are also compressed with Gzip and automatically resized so they retain their image quality while they load super fast.


Automatically converted AMP pages for mobile

We automatically convert all your articles into AMP pages (preferred mobile format by Google) so they will load extremely fast and as a result will rank a lot higher in the Google search results.


Minimal code

We have build Invenio as efficient as possible so there is no unnecessary code that can decrease page speed