How to dominate Google News in 2020? Five expert tips

Introduction – Google News is becoming increasingly important for online publishers

Since Facebook has given less importance to news on her platform, online publishers are much more focused again on SEO. In a large survey by Ezoic, 25.8% of online publishers said that increasing SEO traffic was their biggest priority.

Google gives Google News more importance in the search results

In recent years, Google has given news a nigger role in its search results. Especially after Google launched the so-called News Carousel or Top Stories in 2016 in which news articles are shown that Google considers relevant for a specific search query. See below an example of Top News Stories that appear on top of the Search Results when you Google Messi News.

News articles are now also displayed as normal search results between search results. These can be recognized by the time or date in front of the news photo. In addition, Google gives Google News a big role within Android and within its mobile search app through the Discover Tab where a personal content overview is displayed based on your surfing behavior and searches.

So how can you rank higher in the Google News positions in Google and get a lot of extra search traffic? We have written down 5 expert tips to help you achieve just that.

1. Have AMP pages for all your articles

Make sure you also have AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages)  of all your articles. AMP is a technique that ensures that your pages are optimized for very fast loading times on mobile devices. Google has introduced this technique to improve the user experience on mobile devices. When displaying the search results on mobile devices, in more than 90% of the cases, Google gives priority to pages made up with AMP. It is therefore very important to have mobile pages also available in AMP format.

2. Unique and descriptive permanent URLs

Make sure your URLs are unique and do not change. And that the URL contains words instead of just code, so that Google can also deduce from the URL what the article is about. It can also help to include a descriptive subcategory in your URLs. Such as /news  with which you can start all the URLs of your news items.

3. Provide a clear date and time indication

It is important to ensure there are a clear date and timestamp within the article. When you use Structured Data Markup (see below), this is automatically ensured.

4. Use the special Structured Data Markup from Google for news websites

Google has special guidelines for formatting articles, the so-called Structured Data Markup, also just called Markup. By following these guidelines, Google can understand what is on the page even faster, which ensures that you are included more in the Google search results. For every kind of website, there are other Structured Data Markups that you can apply. All available Markups can be found in the list of (the organization that manages all Markups). For news websites, it is important to always use the Markup NewsArticle, so that Google can recognize your news articles quickly as a news article. The Markup LiveBlogPosting can also be interesting if, for example, you have a Liveblog on the website.

Via the special Structured Data Markup testing tool from Google, you can test whether your articles have already been formatted with the Structured Data Markup. When testing it is important that you enter the URL of an article and not the URL of the homepage. At InvenioCMS we have made sure all articles are automatically formatted within the right Structured Data Markup.

5. Headlines

Make sure that the most important keyword (on which you want to be found in Google News) is in the headline of the article. It is also important that your headline is no longer than 110 characters. Research shows that the ideal length appears to be between 65 and 75

Also, make sure that your headline is not too much clickbait. Google must be able to see what the article is about and disapproves of clickbait. But make sure that your headline is attractive and arouses enough curiosity that people will click on it in the search results. Because the more people click on it, the higher the CTR becomes and the higher your article ranks in the search results.

100% optimized CMS for ranking high in Google News

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