Why did we start InvenioCMS

We started with the InvenioCMS for a number of reasons. We have been working as a technical partner with news websites since 2008 (such as and, for example) and noticed that we always built the same solutions for different customers.

That is why we decided to make one CMS that contained all the requirements of our customers and that we could use and improve continuously.

In addition, we noticed that online developments (browser push notifications, AMP, SEO) go so fast that it is almost impossible for individual news websites, that maintain their own CMS, to keep up with these developments, without continuous high investments.

Many publishers of online news websites also indicated that they would like to focus purely on writing content and want to be unburdened in the technical part.

That is why we have opted for a full-service solution in which we, as Invenio, ensure that our customers no longer have to worry about the technical side of their company and can fully focus on producing great content and growing their business.


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